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[Hack] Meningkatkan ukuran memory internalmu


Maaf, copy lansung dari sourcenya...

For everyone who has an error with a2sd / s2e / link2sd like :
- when install apps then the phone restarts
- can't download from market which says "Cannot download xxx due to an error"

I suggest u to use UNGAZE script, it is similar to a2sd and others.

the ungaze script will mount the sd-ext as the data partition so it will make ur internal memory bigger. we know that it will make our phone a bit slow but it is better than we use corrupted a2sd and etc then have to reflash the rom and wipe all the data.

From my experience it won't make my mini slower. the respond time to open something only takes 1 second longer than a2sd etc.


- an android phone, of course (GALAXY MINI)
- a stock/custom rom which had been rooted and busybox-ed
- a stock/custom rom which free from a2sd,s2e,link2sd etc.

> if you already installed one of them, wipe data and reflash your rom


1. Partitoning the sdcard
 - backup all important data (eg. Titanium Backup files)
 - go to cwm recovery > advanced > partition sdcard skip above step if you already partitioned the sdcard
2. Download the
3. place on sdcard (don't extract it)
4. go to recovery mode
5. mount system,data,cache,sdcard,sd-ext
6. flash the ungaze
7. reboot

- go to settings > storage, and if ur internal memory increase, it means .....
- dont forget to set the default installation of apps to internal , setting > cm setting > application


1. if there is a problem with ungaze like :
 - when boot up / reboot the phone, the rom back to default (everything is default) it means the sdcard is not mounted properly by the ungaze.

to check the problem, go to recovery then mount sdcard and sd-ext, if it can't be mounted, yes there is a problem to solve it :

while in recovery mode
- release the sdcard snd put it back
- try to mount sdcard and sd-ext if problem exists :
- release the battery
- release the sdcard and mount it on pc using cardreader etc.
- put back sdcard
- reboot to recovery
- try to mount sdcard and sd-ext
- if it is mounted succesfully then reboot your phone

2. WiFi MAC Address always changed (thanks to denzel)

For all that want use ungaze script but mac address change every connection.
Here the solution:
Problem is the absence in this case of this file: in /data -->
Important file to read after searches, about that file, with root explorer is this: wlan_mac in /system/bin/ Read this file and you can found a good solution.

This part:

if ! ls /data/; then
while true; do
case `getprop ril.wifi_macaddr` in
# $SYSLOG "Still waiting for mac property"
sleep 1
$SYSLOG "Generate mac file" `getprop ril.wifi_macaddr`
echo `getprop ril.wifi_macaddr` > /data/

For some reason this code with ungaze script (data on sdext cause the problem?) dont work. So from emulator: getprop ril.wifi_macaddr > /data/ Now, to every connection, to every boot, also with ungaze, you will have always the same original wifi mac address.

Source : XDA-Developers


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